December 6, 2018, Amadeus held its Partners Event at Skolkovo Innovation Center. For the first time ever such a representative delegation of top management of Amadeus flew to Moscow to meet the leaders in aviation and travel industry from 20 countries of the world.The scale of the conference and the selected venue demonstrates the importance of the Russian market for the company.


Earlier this year Amadeus introduced the Live Travel Space, the next step in the evolution of Amadeus’ distribution business. It’s an open, dynamic, and connected space where all industry players can join their efforts in delivering outstanding experiences to the travellers. The core elements of this are Amadeus Travel Platform and unique expertise and technological innovations of the company.

Amadeus Partners Event is a testament to what the Live Travel Space stands for: an open dialogue between industry players and the creation of mutual opportunities is the focus of this approach.

“Today, together with you, we are turning a page in our history,” says Leonid Marmer, Head of Retail Eastern Europe and General Manager Amadeus in Russia. “The presence of gatekeepers such as meta searchers, global online retail sellers and social media channels make huge impact on our purchasing decisions. Airlines want to be closer to customers, to control sales and quality of service. Agencies are in tough competition with each other. They need access to wide travel content. Travelers shape the market by their preferences. Amadeus is committed to ensure that partnership benefits all industry players.”

The Amadeus Travel Platform, the technological backbone of the Live Travel Space, was presented to the attendees. Through this platform the company’s customers get access to the widest selection of travel content from a variety of sources – GDS, NDC and their own suppliers. Access to this wealth of relevant and continuously updated information helps agents to provide travellers all types of travel services seamlessly and anywhere in the world. “Amadeus is creating the Netflix of travel with relevant, unique and personalized content for the travel sector. Amadeus Travel Platform is the technology backbone of what we see as the Live Travel Space,” says Anna Kofoed, Executive Vice President, Travel Content Sourcing, Travel Channels, Amadeus.

“In a 10 year time, there will be a completely new digital environment. Our approach for development is to collaborate with all travel players meeting their future needs,” says Monika Wiederhold, Managing Director of Amadeus Germany GmbH and Senior Vice President of Retail Agencies in North, Eastern, Central and Southern Europe (NECSE). We are pioneers in the digital world as we came up with platform model. The Amadeus Travel Platform is a next generation platform that makes travel sellers’ life easier. The magic formula is to bring efficiency and personalization by making technology simple to use.”

Providing solutions for airlines remains keystone for Amadeus. More and more airlines invest heavily in NDC – as many experts say, the format of the future. “NDC is a technology, therefore it doesn’t mean a change in business model,” says Anna Kofoed. “We are willing to look at models that add value to travel sellers, airlines and aggregators. Always working jointly with the industry.” To stimulate the industrialization of NDC Amadeus created a dedicated program, called NDC-X, which unites all NDC initiatives across the company as an IT provider and an aggregator.

“Innovation is not a theory. This is what is happening today and changing our lives in the future,” says Julia Barry, Amadeus’ Innovation Portfolio Evangelist. Technologies and innovations lie in the base for all changes and Amadeus’ strategy: artificial intelligence allows to analyze huge amount of statistical data, machine learning – to adjust forecasts and predict customer expectations. This symbiosis not only allows for conversion improvement but also increases the loyalty of travelers. “Machines are able to learn by experience. We are investing in AI Research internally and are investing or partnering with startups as well to apply this to travel. Technology is the ultimate enabler of the traveler’s journey”, says Julia Barry.

Kirill Kaem, Senior Vice-President for Innovations Skolkovo Foundation adds: “Skolkovo is the epicenter of innovations and embodies Amadeus’s new strategy in the best possible way – to create the future, promote technology development, provide customers with the best opportunities for growth and travellers with the best travel experiences. We are proud to become partner for Amadeus Partners Event and witness the beginning of the digital age in travel industry. Just a few years ago, you had to have reliable contacts in order to find and buy a ticket at the best price. Today we live in a completely different world, where you can choose and book not only a ticket, but also luggage, food, a seat in an airplane with one touch only. We are pleased to invite travel companies to cooperate for joint innovations and shape the future of travel together.”