“We will have totally different digital environment in 10 years”, says Monika Wiedelhold, Managing Director Amadeus Germany GmbH, Senior Vice President Travel Channels Retail Northern, Eastern, Central and Southern Europe in her exclusive interview with ATO.ru.


What is the role of travel agencies in contemporary world? Maybe they have no perspective at all, because traveler can order everything himself?


This is a very serious question. All roles change over time. And GDS is changing, turning into Live Travel Space. The role of travel agencies is also evolving. Life is changing. And, of course, they need to think about digital services, such as a visa service, for example. How can they be helpful while traveling using technologies? It would be nice to have this option. Of course, the traveler can organize everything on his own, but still it takes time and effort. Therefore, I return to the issue of simplification with the use of technology to make life easier for travel agencies, as well as for travelers. This is a key element and new digital travel agency services can be built for travelers.


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